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Stop-It Fire Retardant - from Hazen & Associates

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  In just one average year... 
  • There are an estimated nearly 2 million fires. 
  • Over 3,000 civilians lose their lives as the result of fire. 
  • There are 24,900 civilian injuries that occur as the result of fire. 
  • There are 118 firefighters killed while on duty. 
  • 84 percent of all civilian fire deaths occur in residences.  
  • Direct property loss due to fires is an estimated $14.6 billion.
  • Indirect costs increase that figure to almost $150 billion.
  • It's time to Stop-It
  Fire Facts... 
  • Fire can double in size every 30 seconds & ignite an entire room in minutes.
  • Structure fires occur every 59 seconds.
  • It kills more people than floods, hurricanes, tornadoes & earthquakes combined.
  • America has more fire fatalities than any other industrialized country.
  • In deadly home fires only 14% had working smoke detectors and alarms.
  • Smoke detectors failed to operate in 44% of reported fires.
  • Your sense of smell does not function while you are asleep.
  • Almost 40% of fire victims die in their sleep from smoke inhalation.

Are you ready to learn not to burn?  Stop-It brand Premium Flame Retardant is a high viscosity polymer spray-on formula that is effective, non-toxic, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.  It is a truely "green" product that provides better coverage than other brands.  It can be used to prevent the start and spread of combustion in residential and commercial applications.  Stop-It is an odorless liquid that is free from any foul orders as can be found in many other brands.  It is non-corrosive when dry and will not dehydrate trees or greens like salt-based retardants.  You can use Stop-It to protect greenery, decorative moss, cloth, wood, paper, baskets and basket fillers, silks plants, Christmas trees, excelsior, straw, crepe paper, rafia, decorations, banners, table cloths and more.  Dries to a clear finish with no unsightly globs or residue.  The solution is odorless, non-toxic and biodegradable.  It is rated as a Class B fire retardant and meets the national standards for flame retarding and is registered for use by the very tough California State Fire Marshal California has a ban on the use of Flame Retardants that contain PBDE's (Poly-Brominated Diphenyl Ethers). This is a different kind of flame retardant that does not contain PBDE's.  Stop-It is safe around pets and children.  It contains no carcinogens as published by the EPA.  Look forward to 30-50% greater coverage than other brands.  Water Based.  Easy clean-up with warm water.  Available in large, convenient 32 oz spray bottles and economical gallons.  Additional empty spray bottles are also offered.  For a 30 second video demo click the flame picture or "demo" link below.

Video highlights: first an untreated sample of shredded wood is ignited and immediately busts into flame.  Then a  Stop-It treated sample is subjected to flame and demonstrates the amazing difference flame retarding can make.  It simply will not burn!

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Stop-It is proudly made in the USA


Stop-It 32 oz spray

32 oz Spray




Emergency Escape

 Smoke Filtering

Gas Mask

Fire Resistant

Document Bag

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could save

your life




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